window period for hiv

It is a time window period for hiv when a person who is not infected will be positive. This is called the “window period of HIV”.
The length of the time window of 3-6 months possibly up to nine days, depending on the weight used on the HIV test. In the meantime, you can test HIV-negative, even if you are infected with HIV. You can HIV from someone who is in the window period to get. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the time slot to transmit the virus earlier.

window period for hiv

When a person is infected, HIV multiplied in the blood and the body develops antibodies to the virus. HIV usually in adolescents and adults with a diagnosis test to detect antibodies. However, the test currently available to detect HIV and several viral proteins, antibodies alone.
“Window” is the time after infection, required for a diagnostic test detected HIV virus. The length of the time window that is used depends on the nature of diagnostic tests, and methods to detect the virus.
The incubation time is the time after infection and before seroconversion, where the infection markers (antigens and antibodies specific for HIV) were absent or rarely detected. Standard screening tests can not detect HIV after a window of time reliably.

Guidelines recommend testing lines, the only person who may have been infected recently after the date of the possibility of contamination of the samples should be tested several weeks or months. But there are natural variations in time some people find it difficult to produce antigens and antibodies detected definite statements about the window period for hiv duration of the window.


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