Where does hiv come from

HIV attacks and kills cells such as where does hiv come from T-helper cells of the immune system is known, is important. Without the use of T-cells, many other immune cells has not worked well, and antibodies from B-cells (infected cells to kill bacteria). A person infected with HIV, there are no symptoms for many years may have. It is, however, not be treated, in order to gradually number of T-helper cells. In addition, these numbers are so low that the increased risk of infection and symptoms of AIDS.

where does hiv come from

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infects cells of the immune system. Depleting T-helper cells or T-cells of HIV. It is important for the immune system and immune response (These cells are called the CD4-positive cells, because HIV uses the CD4 protein is to grow on the surface of cells are available, and also in the cell). Every day the body produces to maintain immune CD4 + T-cells million and fight viruses and bacteria attack. After the HIV in your body, this virus is able to copy a killing on continuous improvement capabilities. CD4 + T-lymphocytes are rapidly outside the T-cells infected health.
Although the symptoms is not known, this disease can be caused by damage to the immune system of people who will move the way for a variety of diseases, for the time being. Their toll on the body, while many diseases and infections that affect people with HIV are often rare and their presence is often a diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) – the final stage of HIV where does hiv come from disease.


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