what are the chances of getting HIV

Chance is about 1/100, if they what are the chances of getting hiv have had for a while and did not have HIV-negative clipping sores on the genitals. This opportunity is about 5/100 when it recently because of their HIV. A very high virus in their body fluids If you already have and STI / STD risk of HIV can get 2-5 times more likely to contract HIV, STI and STI as it weakens the immune system and cause a number of injuries or skin lesions. What happens is not too high, but they are still there. What is scary is that HIV reamins dormant in the body for about 10 years before AIDS, so you might have HIV and do not even know. In the meantime, if you are sexually active, you are always at risk of making others pay a terrible disease.

what are the chances of getting hiv

And health professionals are constantly asked to give an accurate estimate. The risk of “high risk” of infection and categories such as “low risk” can be regarded as useless and frustrating for people who are considered difficult to understand. Finding the right numerical answer
This is an exact estimate of the level of activity of individual risk is very difficult to obtain and vary depending on several criteria:
If the source is HIV-positive. known
If not, the HIV prevalence among the population or the individual risk.
Stages of viral infection and a positive person.
Or them. Drugs against HIV
The overall health of both partners.
The presence of sexually transmitted infections, including sores or lesions in both partners.
Apply the amount of infectious body fluids.
Virulence of a particular strain.
Whether or not the recipient has a number of natural and acquired immunity to HIV …
And … many other factors.
Everyone wants to know if he is. The risk of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases, moreover, that the behavior they need to reduce the risk of an increase in HIV infection? Can I HIV from sexual intercourse without a condom? What are the risks of sexually transmitted infections? Unfortunately, they were a lot of debate about what is the answer to this question. There are behaviors that we know you, the possibility of HIV infection and sexually transmitted what are the chances of getting hiv infections.


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