Tuberculosis Vaccine

Tuberculosis Vaccine – Vaccine against tuberculosis (BCG)

Vaccination is a means of protection against tuberculosis and its complications. The disease occurs months or years after infection with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. The disease can develop in various organs such as the lungs, bones, kidneys. Only pulmonary or laryngeal tuberculosis is contagious.

The vaccine

Vaccination is a means of protection against tuberculosis and its complications. In Quebec, the vaccine is sometimes recommended for some travelers who travel to areas where the risk of infection by the bacteria of tuberculosis is high.

Symptoms after vaccination

Symptoms may be caused by the vaccine (eg redness where the injection was made). Other problems may occur by chance and have no connection with the vaccine (eg, colds, gastroenteritis, headache).

The vaccine against tuberculosis is safe. In most cases it causes no reaction.

It is recommended to stay there at least 15 minutes after vaccination, as allergic reactions to the vaccine are always possible. If an allergic reaction occurs, symptoms appear within minutes after vaccination. The person giving the vaccine will be able to treat it immediately on the spot.

For any questions, please contact the person giving the vaccine or contact Info-Santé (8-1-1) or your doctor. A vaccine was first tested in 1886 by Vittorio Cavagnis 9 while at the same time Robert Koch tried unsuccessfully to develop a curative serum based on tuberculin 10 . In 1902 , from a human bacillus attenuated Behring tried a vaccine against bovine tuberculosis  : the bovovaccin. Behring also proposed, without success, tuberculase 11 . Also in the veterinary field, Koch tried the tauruman. For the record, it must also include the serum Marmorek (1904) , serum Maragliano, sera from Richet and Héricourt, and dishonest attempts Friedmann 12 and Spahlinger 13 . This is 1921 , that Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin the Pasteur Institute in Lille try the first successful vaccine against tuberculosis in which they worked since 1908 – which was designed to be a veterinary vaccine -. Called BCG (Bacille to Calmette-Guerin or Bile Calmette-Guerin) vaccine this from a live attenuated strain of Mycobacterium bovis become mandatory in France in 1950.


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