tuberculosis statistics in georgia

The mission of the Georgia program tuberculosis (TB) is the tuberculosis statistics in georgia transmission of the disease and the treatment of diseases caused by prevention checks. TB This is achieved by the following core strategies:

The Georgia TB Program has legal responsibility for all clients of tuberculosis in Georgia, regardless of who provides direct services. TB services are available for anyone in the department of solvency criteria include, without paying customer.
tuberculosis statistics in Georgia
Georgia is loaded with 27 high MDR countries (MDR-TB) in the world. The context of the fight against tuberculosis is changing the way Georgia fundamentally reformed its health system. Most of the two primary care centers and hospitals have been privatized, and insurance is extended. In 2012 most pharmacies tuberculosis were included in private general medical services. Part of the responsibility of the national TB program were transferred to the National Center for Disease Tuberculosis and Lung (NCTBLD) with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC), and now both schools are partially responsible for the TB -surveillance, important parts of the TB laboratory network, and the onset of TB contact investigation. The different levels of skill and experience of current players tuberculosis control and lack of clarity in the roles and responsibilities of these players cause problems and weaknesses in TB control, including, for example, delays in transportation sputum to the laboratory. Intense discussions are underway to overcome these problems and strengthen. Control of tuberculosis in clinical practice guidelines all levels addition to these health and institutional reform, and national protocols must be finalized and introduced, as well as a plan for TB control to insure. Accountability of the new TB service
Many American Baby Boomer where tuberculosis, a relic of the past, like his polio.
In centuries past, the disease killed millions of Americans, including historical figures such as President James Monroe and Eleanor Roosevelt.
Then in the 1940s and 50s, have developed effective drug treatments and experts eventual elimination of TB. prediction
TB remains a major cause of death worldwide, 2 million deaths per year. And it is the leading cause of death for people infected with HIV in the United States.
U.S. TB rate declined. Last year, a total of 10,521 new cases of tuberculosis were in the United States, with an incidence of 3.4 cases per 100,000 persons reported. tuberculosis statistics in Georgia This is the lowest rate recorded since national reporting began in 1953, according to the CDC.


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