tuberculosis spread to other organ

What is the risk of the disease once infected?

Infection with M. tuberculosis tuberculosis spread to other organ does not necessarily mean that you can get the disease. Although the risk for patients with tuberculosis higher in the first two years of infection, 90 percent of healthy people who have never been exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

tuberculosis spread to other organ

People with weakened immune systems, but have an increased risk of active disease. Therefore, tuberculosis is a major problem in infants, very old people with weakened immune systems, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

tuberculosis spread to other organ

Detection of bovine tuberculosis is most commonly found in the lymph nodes of the throat and lungs of infected animals. This means that the bacteria that causes the disease is mainly transmitted through the body breathe the infected animal, or discharge from the nose or mouth.
Infection is especially by inhalation or ingestion of the bacterium. Contaminated food and water can also be a source of infection.
Bovine tuberculosis is transmitted between cattle between ceiling and between the two species.
Cattle can spread the disease to other animals:

    Directly to the airways
    Directly through contaminated milk
    Just before birth through the placenta
    Indirectly through contamination

In close contact with the intimate contact between mother and pup direct: Badgers Badgers can spread the disease to others
The disease can spread between badgers and cattle:

    Directly through close contact
    Indirectly through environmental contamination with infected / feces / urine or drainage of abscesses and skin lesions sputum.

Just as human beings, animals are susceptible to infection with tuberculosis. While M. tuberculosis is the most important bacteria that affects men, M. bovis can also lead to the disease. However, M. bovis is rare in the U.S. cattle and is close to eradication. There is a very low incidence in the U.S. farmed deer like deer caught. These are mainly deer, commercial farms to stake held sold for domestic consumption. There is a small focus of M. bovis infection in wild white-tailed deer in a game park in the northeastern state of Michigan.
Adult cattle in 85% to 90% of infections caused by M. bovis and the respiratory tract. The program for the eradication of tuberculosis practical, with the exception of a few well-defined areas eliminated the disease in cattle in the United States. Pigs “tuberculosis” by a variety of mycobacteria, particularly M. avium and M. bovis. These different organisms can cause tuberculosis in pigs kind of injuries. tuberculosis spread to other organ There has never been a confirmed case of swine Mycobacteriosis transfer of a human being in the United States.

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