tuberculosis spread through food

Ways that you can not get TB

If you have tuberculosis by breathing the air tuberculosis spread through food
where a person said to come, that which should be fairly easy, someone just by touching the disease, TB clockwise?

Actually, no. You can not get TB by touching an infected person. TB bacteria are not the skin or clothing; hung in the air.

tuberculosis spread through food

tuberculosis spread through food

You can not get TB by:

    Give an infected person a hug or a kiss
    With the same toothbrush
    Eating or drinking after an infected person
    the handshake
    Share of clothes, a bed or towels
    With the same toilet an infected person

How is tuberculosis diagnosed and treated?

Tuberculosis exposure may be suspected. According to the bacterium X-ray image of a chest or a positive skin test to demonstrate Sputum test for the presence of the organism strong signs of the disease. However Definitive diagnosis requires bacteriological examination isolate specific mycobacteria. Physicians diagnosis of the disease eventually on the basis of clinical symptoms in combination with X-rays and a positive bacteriological analysis.

Tuberculosis is a treat and cure disease. However, drug treatment requires that a number of antibiotics can be over a longer period of time, typically six to nine months. Some cases of tuberculosis. Mycobacteria caused with respect to commonly used anti-TB drugs, such resistant bacteria often occur as a result of an incomplete or intermittent treatment. These cases are complicated by the need for several products for even longer. Resistant tuberculosis caused by mycobacteria can incurable and fatal. Therefore, it is essential that accurate tracking. Prescribed treatment in the course of treatment tuberculosis spread through food
Many treatment programs used “directly observed therapy” where a health care patients it is sufficient to ensure compliance and controlled to minimize. Resistance to medication therapy


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