Tuberculosis in Indonesia

Tuberculosis in Indonesia, the prevalence is very high.  Every year, there are 450.000 new cases. About 65.000 people died every year because of this deadly disease. Tuberculosis is the fourth most killer in the town after stroke, diabetes, and hypertension. It is the second most killer in the village after stroke.

Tuberculosis in Indonesia is severe because the commitment of government to eradicate this disease is not optimal due to the budgeting. Currently, the tuberculosis control is still mostly supported by Global Fund.

Tuberculosis is contagious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculose that spread through airborne droplets from the sneezing, cough. Mostly, it attacks pulmonary. It also can attack other part of body such as bone, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and brain.

According to WHO Global Tuberculosis Control 2010, Indonesia is in the 5th position as the country with the most TB patient in the world after India, China, South Africa, and Nigeria. From that report, In 2009, there are 169213 new case of TB BTA positive, 108616 new case BTA negative, 11215 extrapulmonary TB, 3709 relapse TB, and 1978 retreatment (excluding relaps)

According to Nafsiah Mboi, the ministry of Health of Indonesia, There are 6 steps to control tuberculosis in Indonesia

  1. Promoting the mandatory notification for health provider. Every health provider must report the discovery of new case in its area
  2. Instructing the Health Official of Province to establish the new work plan, calculating the budgeting, and performing the control of Medical Drug Resistant of Tuberculosis
  3. Recommending the continuous local budgeting for tuberculosis in Indonesia
  4. Guarantee of the properly and universal access  for the service for all type of tuberculosis
  5. Establish the enough human power to run all the program of TB
  6. Instructing the health provider to perform HIV testing for TB patient

We hope there will be better achievement in solving the problem of Tuberculosis in Indonesia


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