Tuberculosis blood tests results

What is a blood test for tuberculosis? Tuberculosis blood tests results Tuberculosis (TB) in the blood, also called interferon release assay-gamma or IGRA is a way to tell if you have TB germs in your body. The blood test for TB can be made instead of a tuberculin skin test (Mantoux).

Tuberculosis blood tests results

There are two types of blood tests for tuberculosis:
You should have a blood tuberculosis (or TB skin test) if:
had frequent contact with a person who has active tuberculosis
Having lived in a country where many people have TB,
work or live in homeless or a nursing home, clinic, hospital, prison, or
Infected by HIV or the immune system is not very strong.
Children under 5 years of age should be tested for TB skin instead of the blood test for tuberculosis.
What is an IGRA?
This is a blood test that can be used to aid in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. It can be used in the diagnosis of active tuberculosis, and the diagnosis of latent TB infection (or latent) in the absence of active disease.
What is latent tuberculosis?
Latent TB is when a person has bacteria (bugs) that cause tuberculosis in their bodies, but they are not the cause of a disease or symptom that is the bacteria are dormant or inactive. There is a chance that bacteria can cause disease in the future.
What is tuberculosis?
Active tuberculosis is when you have symptoms such as cough, night sweats, weight loss.
Why do I need IGRA?
It may have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, or if you live in a country where there are high levels of tuberculosis. In some cases, doctors think there is a chance that you have tuberculosis and helps uncover IGRA.
A diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB affecting the lungs) can be difficult.

Several tests are usually required, including a chest radiograph. This uses radiation to take a picture of your lungs. If you have TB infection, changes in the appearance of the lungs, such as scars, should be visible on the radiograph.
They may require other tests to confirm the diagnosis. For example, they will be taken and checked under a microscope for the presence of tuberculosis bacteria in samples of mucus and phlegm.
These tests are important in deciding what will be the Tuberculosis blood tests results most effective treatment.


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