Tuberculosis blood test positive

Who needs a (TB) TB skin test? Tuberculosis blood test positive International students from countries decided to risk by the Center for Disease Control for testing.
How is the test administered?
You get a simple blood test, QuantiFERON-Gold (QFT-G). The results are available within a week.
If the test performed?
The test is administered in the first few weeks after his arrival on campus through the Health Center.
What is a positive GTF-G?
A positive response means that you have been exposed to tuberculosis. This does not mean that you have or contagious TB. TB bacteria are in the air, and spread by droplet infection and cough. The only way to determine the exposure is tested for tuberculosis.

If my test is positive, why do I have a chest X-ray?
The only way to determine if the positive test is a case of active or inactive tuberculosis (also known as latent TB) Tuberculosis is a chest x-ray.
What is the TB test?
The TB test is the (known tuberculin) is injected into the forearm just below the skin Mantoux test (PPD), in which a small amount of fluid. A medical specialist must test 48 to 72 hours after the reaction administered to verify read. If there is a reaction (swelling), are carried out tests. Tine test (the one 4-pin device used) is not recommended because it is not as effective in providing the right amount of tuberculin skin.

Tuberculosis blood test positive

What if a TB test is positive?
A positive test usually means a person infected with TB, but not necessarily indicative of disease or active TB disease develop active TB. Only 10% of HIV-positive people for TB infection never develop active disease (which is for HIV-negative people, HIV-positive people, the risk is much higher). After a positive test, an x-ray or sputum (phlegm cough) a sample is required to confirm active disease. If TB is suspected, seek medical advice. If the drug is prescribed, follow the instructions. Even if the symptoms improve after you start taking the medication, it is important to continue to take the full course of medicine as directed. Drug may be required for a long time, six months or one year. Anyone who is HIV-positive should be tested for tuberculosis, and everyone should be done with active TB with HIV.
Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It most commonly affects the lungs but relate to other parts of the body. There are medications for the treatment of tuberculosis and should be as prescribed by your provider. Depending on the drug (s) provided, the duration may be four nine months ago or more.

Worldwide TB remains the leading cause of death. In the United States, TB is declining; the number of cases reported in 2012, is the lowest since the 1950s. Tuberculosis blood test positive TB can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated. However, TB is curable and preventable. The identification and treatment of infected but not yet sick with active TB can prevent the spread of TB in the community.


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