Tom Neurwirth won the Eurovision Contest 2014

Tom Neuwirth also known as Conchita Wurst has shaken the world since his victory in Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen Denmark. The real name of him is Thomas Neuwirth. But he used an onstage name as Conchita Wurst. He was born 6 November 1988. Currently, he is known as an Austrian singer.

Tom Neuwirth represented Austria in this Competition in May, 2014.  He refers to himself as “the bearded lady. In his private life he named himself as “Tom” and refers to himself as “he”. On the stage, he refers to himself as Conchita Wurst, who he calls an “art figure. And refers to herself as “she”

Tom Neuwirth created the character of Conchita Wurst in 2011. Wurst in German means sausage. But it also can translated as “who cares?” He made this character to cope with the feeling discriminated.

“for me, my dream come true. But for society, it showed me that people want to move on, to look the future. We said something, we made a statement.” Said Wurst to the reporters after winning the contest.

Wurst scored 290 points to become the first winner from Austria in Eurovision Contest since 1966. A duo from Netherlands finished in second place. A Swedish came in third.  Yaremchuk from Ukrained get the score 113 and finish in the sixth place. Tolmachevy twins from Russia, took 89 points and finish in the seventh place.

Eurovision was created in the aftermath of World war II to encourage the good relationship between neighbours. It was started since 1956. Todays, it was displayed  from television. It reachs so many audiences about 180 million people in 45 countries.

The audiences from television can cast their votes through telephone hotlines in their respective country which count for half the final tally. The remainder votes come from the national expert juries.


The organizers always describe this event as  non political event. But, In reality, it is inevitably affected by politics in both the voting and performances. 


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