tb signs in cats

“Cats have passed TB to people for the first time”, tb signs in cats
reports the Daily Mail. Authorities continue to monitor the situation and the risk of further spread has been described as “very low”.
This title is based on the news that two people in the UK have developed after contact with infected cats with Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis).

Tuberculosis (TB) bacteria are a major cause of tuberculosis in cattle, and causes less frequently, in other species.
Nine cases of infection with M. bovis in domestic cats in Berkshire and Hampshire inspected by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency and Public Health England in 2013.
M. bovis, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis in cattle and bovine tuberculosis, and other species. Transmission comes from breathing, eating or drinking bacteria shed by animals. Infection is possible through skin cuts unprotected sex infected animals.

tb signs in cats

TB caused by M. bovis was diagnosed in less than 40 people in the UK each year, most of the people over 65.
Thirty-nine tests for tuberculosis, of which 24 were tested on offer. Two cases of active TB were diagnosed, as well as two cases of latent TB, when a person is exposed to tuberculosis, but not in active disease.
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