tb signs in babies

Most children with TB infection without tb signs in babies developing symptoms each time. Sometimes it is the beginning of the infection is characterized by a few days, mild fever, and mild cough. Rarely, children experience clinically significant disease with high fever, cough, malaise and flu-like symptoms that resolve within a week. In the majority of children who develop TB disease experience, pulmonary manifestations but ~ 25 to 35 percent of the children had pulmonary presentation. [18]

The most common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis is a disease of the lymphatic which accounts for about two-thirds of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. The second most common form is meningeal disease that occurs in 13% of patients, historically, in three thousand untreated TB infection in children <5 years
Taking some children but really fine (without symptoms). This is called latent TB infection (latent means hidden). Sometimes, latent TB can develop into TB disease, so it is usually for a treat. Children with latent TB assistance of one or two TB drugs Although TB disease many years after infection can develop, the children have an increased risk of TB disease and may develop after a few months.

tb signs in babies

Some children may be ill with tuberculosis and told us that they do not have active disease. TB disease can affect the lungs (pulmonary TB), which can be seen on a chest radiograph. TB can sometimes infect the lymph nodes in the neck (cervical lymphadenopathy TB), bone (osteomyelitis TB), or a more serious infection of the fluid that surrounds the brain (TB meningitis). Children with TB disease can cause fever, night sweats, weight loss and sometimes have other symptoms. TB is often gradual, with children becoming ill.
Can you prevent tuberculosis?
BCG has been used for the prevention of severe forms of tuberculosis. BCG is to prevent infection with tuberculosis bacteria but reduces the development of TB disease and other organs is less common in patients vaccinated with BCG tb signs in babies


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