tb signs and symptoms form

Tuberculosis, MTB or TB (short for tubercle bacillus) tb signs and symptoms form
in the past, as well as a discount, rebate or pulmonary consumption, a common and often deadly infectious disease, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis is caused by various strains of mycobacteria. [1]

TB usually attacks the lungs, but also other parts of the body. It is through the air when people who spread active TB infection cough, sneeze, or otherwise transfer fluids through the respiratory air. [2] The majority of infections are asymptomatic, which is known as latent tuberculosis. Approximately one in ten latent infections eventually progresses to active disease, which, if left untreated, kills more than 50% of respondents, so infected.

tb signs and symptoms form

Treatment for heart palpitations, depending on the underlying cause of the disease. Palpitations are often not treated and can be controlled by practicing relaxation techniques and avoid stimulants. In some cases, heart palpitations are caused by a type of heart disease and drug treatment or a procedure called ablation required.
Symptoms of the disease tuberculosis TB bacteria grow in the body depend. TB bacteria usually grow in the lungs (pulmonary tuberculosis). TB disease in the lungs may cause symptoms such as
a cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer
Chest pain
Coughing up blood or sputum (phlegm from deep in the lungs)
Other symptoms of tuberculosis disease
Weakness or tiredness
Weight loss
loss of appetite
tb signs and symptoms form

Sweating at night


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