TB precautions at home

Home treatment for tuberculosis (TB) is focused on taking the TB precautions at home right medication to decrease the risk of developing MDR-TB.
Keep all medical appointments.
Take the medication as prescribed.
Report side effects of drugs, especially blurred vision.

If you feel you want to move are treated during the time that you tell your doctor so that arrangements be made for you to continue treatment.

TB precautions at home

A healthy diet and exercise
During the treatment of tuberculosis, eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep and some exercise to help your body fight infection.
If you lose too much weight, eat balanced meals with adequate protein and calories to help keep the weight on. If you need help, ask to speak to a registered dietitian.
Have you heard of a disease that can make you cough up blood and prepare you thought about other diseases? One is TB and it is a serious health problem throughout the world continue to be.
In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that a third of the world population with TB bacteria with the African continent, which infects a large percentage of them. Tuberculosis is a chronic infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (and occasionally other variants of Mycobacterium) gives. These are typically the lungs, but other body organs may also be involved. Tuberculosis, often called “TB”, is a chronic bacterial infection that can develop after inhaling droplets sprayed into the air (such as a cough or a sneeze) infected by someone. This disease is always present and, although the incidence has declined to a health problem, especially for young children and the elderly are very quiet.
How do you know that a person has TB?
Only about 10 percent of people infected with TB develop the disease. You may not notice any symptoms until the disease is very advanced.
Their studies show that., The type of tuberculosis (TB) may have on other people do not need to be on time to the hospital. Your doctor may have prescribed drugs to treat tuberculosis. Medical personnel wearing a mask to protect yourself when you are in your home.
You should not infants, young children or people who have a weakened immune system due to diseases such as HIV or cancer. This is because they are struggling to fight against infections. Children under 5 are who can live at home with you after the children tested for tuberculosis by a doctor and take medication in order not to prevent ill TB precautions at home with tuberculosis.

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