Tb medicine and alcohol

Given the many effective medications available today, Tb medicine and alcohol the chances are great that a person with TB can be cured. However, it is important to understand the person’s illness and complete the treatment program together.

Tb medicine and alcohol

The latent TB infection and active disease is treated with antibiotics. The treatment lasts at least six months because antibiotics only when actively dividing bacteria and the bacteria that causes tuberculosis grow very slowly. Although latent TB infection can be treated with only one antibiotic active disease will be treated with various antibiotics at the same time to reduce the likelihood of bacteria resistant to drugs. Active tuberculosis should be treated aggressively, and patients may begin treatment with a stay in the hospital to prevent the spread of the disease. After a few weeks they will feel better and more contagious.

The treatment of tuberculosis (TB) requires six to nine months and sometimes longer. TB can in most cases the drugs are healed, as prescribed by your doctor for a complete treatment (at least six months).
Like all medicines can cause side effects drugs for tuberculosis. Your doctor will monitor your progress during treatment to ensure that the drug is effective. This is usually blood, sputum and urine and chest x-rays.
Chemotherapy for the treatment of tuberculosis, is done several different antibiotics at the same time. It is the first choice of treatment for TB, the (active TB) develops in your body. Most of these drugs are administered in the form of tablets. Recommend the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Lung Association, begins with one of the various combinations of drugs of choice for treatment. 1
Combination preparations as Rifater be prepared generally used when it is necessary, fewer pills, for example, if a medical professional does not give each dose of the drugs personally. The combination of antibiotics one pill makes it less likely to miss doses. Do not take the medication could prolong your treatment and increase the likelihood of development of resistance Click here for more information. Tb medicine and alcohol


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