Symptoms of Tuberculosis

Symptoms of tuberculosis – What are the symptoms?

The following symptoms may occur: a significant cough that lasts more than three weeks, often accompanied by coughing, fever, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats and weight loss.

Who can get TB?

Anyone can be achieved, young or old, man or woman, child, regardless of social status and the country of origin.

Who are the people most at risk of contracting TB?

First, there are people who are in close and prolonged contact with a patient. The most vulnerable are children, the elderly and those with physical strength is weakened by other diseases or lifestyle.

How can you be infected with TB?

When a person with infectious pulmonary tuberculosis coughs or sneezes, the germs in the air. It is inspiring these microbes that another person may be infected.

The majority of people infected with the bacteria do not develop the disease. The risk of developing the disease is greater among those whose physical strength is weakened because:

  • a serious disease such as diabetes, HIV, cancer or treatment that weakens the immune system;
  • their lifestyle such as alcoholism, drug abuse, poor nutrition;
  • their age: the elderly and young children are most vulnerable.

Who is considered a close contact?

Anyone who lives in the same home as the person with pulmonary tuberculosis. Occasionally, this term also applies to people outside the home who are in frequent and prolonged contact with the sick person. Example: working contacts, friends, other family contacts.

When TB can it be contagious?

TB can be contagious even before being diagnosed. The infectiousness varies with cough and severity of the disease it ends shortly after the start of treatment. The end of the contagiousness will be determined by the doctor based on specific criteria.

The risk of TB transmission is greater for people living under the same roof as the patient, close friends, or some fellow co-workers or school.


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