Symptoms of tuberculosis disease

If you have latent tuberculosis (TB), you must not transfer Symptoms of tuberculosis disease the symptoms and not the disease to others.

If you have not transferred any symptoms and the disease to other active TB. What you have specific symptoms depend on whether you are with TB in the lungs (most common site) or infected elsewhere in the body (extrapulmonary TB).

Symptoms of tuberculosis disease

There are other conditions with similar symptoms TB, such as pneumonia and lung cancer. The symptoms of tuberculosis, from asymptomatic (latent tuberculosis) to symptoms of active disease. In fact, it is not even aware that you have latent TB infection, until it is revealed by a skin test, perhaps during a routine examination.
Although your body bacteria that cause tuberculosis port, you can usually prevent your immune system that you are sick. Latent tuberculosis: For this reason, doctors distinguish between. In this state, you can have TB infection, but the bacteria remain in your body in an inactive state and cause no symptoms. Latent tuberculosis, the so-called inactive TB or TB infection is not contagious. It can be an active TB, so important for the treatment of the person with latent TB and to help the spread of tuberculosis in general. An estimated 2 billion people suffer from latent tuberculosis.
Active tuberculosis. This condition makes you sick and can spread to other people. It can in the first few weeks after infection with the bacteria TB occur, or it may occur years later.
TB can also affect other parts of the body, including the kidneys, brain or spine. When TB occurs outside the lungs, signs and symptoms vary depending on the organs involved. For example, tuberculosis of the spine can give you back pain, and tuberculosis in the kidneys can cause blood in the urine Symptoms of tuberculosis disease .


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