Symptoms of HIV positive

HIV means Human symptoms of hiv positiveImmunodeficiency Virus. Once someone is infected with the HIV virus will remain in your body for the rest of their lives. There is currently no cure for HIV and no vaccine to prevent infection. However, most people with HIV for more treatments to help and feel better.
HIV can be transmitted in various ways. This information is mainly through sexual contact. It informs you about HIV, what you can do if you are concerned that you have an infection recommendations on how to protect yourself.

symptoms of hiv positive

Most people who are infected with HIV a brief flu-like illness that occurs 2-6 weeks after infection become. Then HIV often cause symptoms for many years.
Influenza-like illness, which often occurs a few weeks after HIV infection is also known as seroconversion illness. It is estimated that up to 80% of people infected with HIV have the disease.
This stage of the infection takes several weeks, and is often accompanied by a short flu-like illness. In more than 20 percent of the HIV symptoms are serious enough to consult a doctor, but the diagnosis of HIV infection is often overlooked.
In this phase, there is a large amount of HIV in the peripheral blood and the immune system reacts to the virus production by anti-HIV antibodies and cytotoxic lymphocytes. This process is known as seroconversion. If the test for HIV is done before sero-conversion is completed, it may not be positive.
This phase lasts an average of ten years and, as the name suggests, the main symptom is free, but it may be swollen glands. HIV has lowered in the peripheral blood at very low levels, but people remain infectious and HIV antibodies are detectable in the blood, so that antibody tests show positive results.
Research has shown that HIV is not active at this stage, but he is very active in the lymph nodes. A test for a limited number of HIV, to the extent escapes lymph nodes. This test, which is the HIV RNA (HIV genetic material) is measured to determine the viral load test is called and play an important role in the treatment of HIV-infection symptoms of hiv positive.


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