Symptoms of active TB disease

A person who has been exposed to TB, Symptoms of active TB disease not necessarily develop the disease themselves. Most people are able to fight against infection by the use of various components of the immune system. In fact, healthy people who are infected with TB, have only a 10% chance of conversion to active disease in their lives. Some are able to control the infection, but does not completely eliminate their body.

In these cases, the infection is in a “dormant” or removed inactive. This is often described as a latent infection LTBI or tuberculosis. ITL, an active disease, one day, often when the immune system is weakened people.

Symptoms of active TB disease

People with latent TB infection do not show signs of TB disease that can go undetected to show. This latent infection can be activated any time and to other people who are usually treated with antibiotics, then.
TB can be detected by a blood test or skin test for tuberculosis. Skin tests by injecting a small amount of liquid, the Mantoux performed arm. You will be notified of return within 48 to 72 hours for a health worker to check the arm to see if a shot was to be developed. The health care worker will measure the shot and tell you if your reaction to the test is positive or negative. If positive, usually means that you have been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
The blood test for tuberculosis measures your immune system to germs, reacts cause tuberculosis. If you have a positive TB test infection, it simply means that you have been infected with TB germs. He says that if you have developed the disease. You will receive further testing, such as a chest x-ray and check (mucus coughed up) your sputum to see if you have TB disease.
Anyone can get TB. If a person with TB the lungs coughing, sneezing or speaks, the TB germs can be sprayed into the air. Each can breathe in the lung in the vicinity of the nuclei. Symptoms of active TB disease You can not get TB from shaking hands or food, dishes, bedding, or other objects.


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