stomach tuberculosis treatment

Tuberculosis is a comeback to the world stage stomach tuberculosis treatment and is a dangerous combination with AIDS. The stomach is one of the most common sites of extrapulmonary involvement. Patients with abdominal tuberculosis have a large selection and the range of symptoms and signs; the disease is therefore a great imitator. Diagnosis, in particular radiological and endoscopy support is difficult to make and requires a laparotomy, a large number of patients. Management includes wise combination of anti-tuberculosis therapy and surgery are necessary to avoid complications such as intestinal obstruction and treatment of drilling. The disease, however, possible cure performs a significant morbidity and mortality.

stomach tuberculosis treatment

stomach tuberculosis treatment

Most guidelines for the treatment of tuberculosis suggest that 6 months of treatment is sufficient for extrapulmonary tuberculosis except bone tuberculosis and tuberculous meningitis. Despite these recommendations, most physicians in the treatment of abdominal tuberculosis with tuberculosis treatment for 9 months, sometimes even 12 months without scientific basis. In a randomized controlled trial, Balasubramaniam et al reported no difference in success rates 6mo (99%) versus 12 months (94%) of anti-TB drugs (conventional approach) in the treatment of abdominal tuberculosis.

Although Directly Observed Therapy (dots) have been shown to be effective in patients with lymph node tuberculosis pulmonary tuberculosis, but there is a lack of data on the effectiveness of DOTS in other extrapulmonary disorders including abdominal tuberculosis. Therefore there is an urgent need to improve the effectiveness of DOTS TB treatment fix. In the treatment of stomach tuberculosis

Therefore, the researchers plan to conduct to determine by observation for three months, and the points, 3 months extension in a subset of patients with certain clinical response after 6 months, the difference in the recurrence of the disease, multicenter randomized controlled trial DOT
* Vaccine (VAK-SEEN) is a preparation of killed or attenuated bacteria or parts or products produced by a germinal cell to prevent or reduce the severity of the disease arising ca n when a person is exposed to the germ. The use of the above immunization vaccines.

  • Administered a TB vaccine in infants and young children in countries with high disease. The vaccine is not generally used in the United States because it does not always lead to a positive skin test, so that it is harder to true TB infection.

Tuberculosis can be treated?

Yes, and the treatment is a must. When patients take their medications as prescribed, healed tuberculosis and are not contagious. Thus patients to avoid serious complications and protect good family and friends to the disease. stomach tuberculosis treatment Various drugs (3:58 types usually) for the treatment of tuberculosis used. Do they have to be taken over a period of six to twelve months. Regularly Quebec, the treatment of tuberculosis is required. ?


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