stomach tuberculosis contagious

I was diagnosed with stomach (intestine) tuberculosis. stomach tuberculosis contagious
Is it contagious oral – my girlfriend was when we infected kiss?

stomach tuberculosis contagious
A. Tuberculosis is a treatable disease in most cases, and I am sure that you are being treated. His girlfriend, I would be immunized, take over and as such do not have to kiss. Extremely contagious However, it is always recommended that close contacts should always be evaluated for active infection.

stomach tuberculosis contagious

 Symptoms returned with a vengeance, and the people are very contagious, so once again the people close to them in danger. In more MDR TB germs antibiotics, so that drugs less effective. Patients with MDR-TB have special medications, but might not work so well. In addition, these patients can spread very dangerous form of the disease other.

I am a specialist with a degree in cardiology. I read your post with zeal.
You doctors are the same. In India, tuberculosis is contagious in pulmonary tuberculosis, especially in children (may be transmitted from person to person). Depending on our immunity, we all had our struggles with tuberculosis in childhood. In most cases without any symptoms. So if all adults undergo chest X-ray, most show old scars healed tuberculosis. This does not mean that the bacillus (the organism that causes tuberculosis) is dead and buried. Germs lurk. If there are changes in individual immunity of broad-spectrum antibiotics, diabetes, immune deficiencies or without cause, without reactivation of tuberculosis in membranes. If affect membranes in bone osteomyelitis and brain called meningitis produced. Parent was the membrane to the heart. That moment when there is no way all expectorant germs invade and infect others, so that it is not contagious in adults. If your children are, for example, over 12 years old, and you do not have, because life in India worry, everything you had exposure to tuberculosis. You can view when they are younger. Pediatrician for their children, he / she will be happy to take the test and will talk Mountoux clarify all your doubts. If you ask a follow-up, I’ll be happy to answer. success
One way to combat this problem is to directly observed therapy (DOT). In DOT, patients need their medication regularly in the presence of a health professional. stomach tuberculosis contagious Home visits are provided to encourage them to participate in such programs. Often patients to take from health professionals, medications, or free transportation and supervision of meals
* Sputum (date SPYOO) is a substance, silt and other questions coughed from the lungs, bronchi, and closes the windpipe.


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