stomach tuberculosis causes

Between abdominal tuberculosis includes stomach tuberculosis causes , the mesentery, the nodes and omentum, peritoneum and solid organs of the gastro-intestinal tract, such as liver and spleen. Urogenital tuberculosis, which is not discussed here even a stand-alone unit.

stomach tuberculosis causes
Abdominal tuberculosis is rare in Western populations and the occurrence in certain parts of India from. In developed countries, the disease is largely restricted to immigrants from endemic areas of the world from tuberculosis. Strict control of tuberculosis in dairy cattle and milk pasteurization in many countries almost abolished bovine tuberculosis; Despite the efforts for the effective treatment of tuberculosis, however, the disease is not uncommon in developing countries.

stomach tuberculosis causes

This is divided into intestinal and stomach diseases. The first is a primary infection, usually caused by drinking with M. bovis or a manifestation of the disease after the primary by taking tubercle bacilli from sputum. The latter is the result of hematogenous or lymphatic spread from a primary focus, usually by pulmonary or intra-abdominal infected person, such as the bowel, fallopian tubes or organs spread.
Intestinal tuberculosis primary ileocecal region and usually leads in the mucosal hypertrophy with enlarged lymph nodes, presenting a tender mass in the right iliac fossa. Complications such as malabsorption, intestinal obstruction, fistulas, peritonitis and rarely massive rectal bleeding, which can be life threatening. , The stomach and small intestine are the usual sites of primary lesions, post-ulceration and subsequent hypertrophy, usually with the risk to the perforation and peritonitis bowel.
Develop main groups of tuberculous peritonitis patients are young women and older men alcoholics. It is a common cause of ascites: a study in Lesotho found, which accounted for 42% of all cases of ascites and there was a mortality rate of 26% in alcoholics elderly patients [58] The diagnosis is difficult, especially in the elderly. Alcoholic, if the symptoms are not specific. The “pasty belly in many textbooks is cited as a classic sign of a rare manifestation of advanced disease. Ingested tubercle bacilli can cause anal fissures and cause localized granulomatous lesions and fistulas.
The treatment of tuberculosis (TB) requires six to nine months and sometimes longer. The tablets can cause some side effects such as itching, stomach discomfort. stomach tuberculosis causes The bacteria that cause TB resistant to treatment, if not regularly produce their medication resistant. To avoid alcohol during treatment of tuberculosis.


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