Skin tb test reading

Tuberculin test is also called Skin tb test reading the PPD skin test is provided to detect the presence of TB bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes the disease. When this test is performed, the injection is administered under the skin of the forearm of a person. 48-72 hours later, the test reading. The tuberculin test may cause side effects in some people. Individuals should contact their doctor or if side effects occur, to discuss treatment options performed the test, contact.

Skin tb test reading

In rare cases, specific local side effects may occur at the injection site. said skin ulceration and serious injury or death of tissue necrosis as we know, can occur at the site. Redness, swelling and blisters may also occur in some people.
Purified protein derivative of tuberculin (PPD) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an extract of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis in humans. It is used to check if a person has been exposed to tuberculin protein is a vaccine against tuberculosis or previous environmental factors on bacteria.
When the body is exposed to foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses, the immune system produces antibodies against them. Antibodies help the body identify and kill foreign organisms. The antibodies remain in the body to help the body against future infections with the same organism. This is known as active immunity.
Tuberculin injected under the skin to see if a person has antibodies to the tuberculosis bacterium. Tuberculin is injected under the skin of the forearm, where it forms a pale groups of a few millimeters in diameter. This is known as the Mantoux test. You will be asked to return to your doctor about 48-72 hours after the test, the results can be read.
In some cases, people may Side effects that occur throughout the body in the context of the tuberculin test, experience. These side effects than systemic rash and difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction to the injection. Such reactions are very rare and are treated with a combination of adrenaline and steroids. People who suffer from these side effects, you should Skin tb test reading immediately contact medical personnel immediately for prompt treatment.

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