skin tb test positive

The tuberculin skin test is a test for determining skin tb test positive whether a person an immune response against the bacteria that causes tuberculosis developed (TB). This response can occur if someone just as tuberculosis has been exposed in the past, or the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis (which is not administered in the United States) received. The World Health Organization estimates that 2 billion people worldwide have latent TB, while around 3 million people worldwide die each year from TB. Tuberculosis skin test is also known as the tuberculin test or IDR.

skin tb test positive

TB skin test is based on the fact that infection with M. tuberculosis produces a hypersensitivity skin delayed type, certain components of the bacterium based reaction. The tuberculin test recommended standard is administered by injection of 0.1 ml of 5 TU (tuberculin units) of PPD in the upper layers of the skin of the forearm. “Play”, the test for the skin, a raised area of thickened skin reaction known as curing. The area of induration (palpable raised, the cured areas) around the injection site is the tuberculin.
A skin test for tuberculosis (TB) is called (TST) and a Mantoux or tuberculin skin test.
Been a nurse Public Health measured the arm for injection and a swollen nodule developed after two or three days. This means that you have a positive skin test.
The positive skin test can mean:
who are infected with the TB germ, (something latent tuberculosis infection) or
TB in the past with a BCG vaccination (the scar on the arm of leaves) were immunized, or
which had the disease before and / or treatment of tuberculosis.
If you have a positive skin test, provide other medical care are offered.
These can include:
an x-ray to see if there are any marks or scars on the lungs
a blood test called Quantiferon TB Gold can help you understand the difference between the previous vaccination (called BCG) infection and tuberculosis
Referral to a specialist who can advise you without testing or treatment
sputum (spit) to test if you have symptoms of TB disease, such as cough, fever, sweating, skin tb test positive fatigue and weight loss.

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