sign and symptoms of HIV

In the case of an HIV infection, sign and symptoms of hiv it is important to know how to find. The first symptoms Early detection of infection can ensure that you get the right treatment to control the virus and may slow progression. AIDS
Many people experience no symptoms after being infected with HIV. Others have a disease similar to influenza in a few days to several weeks after exposure to the virus. They complain fever, headache, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. These symptoms usually disappear on their own within a few weeks.

sign and symptoms of hiv

After the initial infection, you may have no symptoms. The progression of the disease varies between individuals. This condition may be several months to 10 years.
Meanwhile, the virus is used and in the infected cells multiply and kills the immune system. The immune system allows us to fight against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
The virus destroys the cells that soldiers of the primary infection, cells, called CD4 + or T4.
HIV infection was found in three steps. The first phase is called acute infection or seroconversion, and typically occurs within 2-6 weeks after the exposure or infection. This is when the immune system is a struggle against HIV. The symptoms of acute infection similar to other viral diseases and is often compared to the flu. Symptoms may take a week or two and then actually go to viral entry into the non-symptomatic stage.
Do you think you will have been living with HIV in touch. Doctors can now avoid HIV in the body, if they occur soon after the initial infection. Health care workers, police and firefighters used a process that often HIV-infected blood, exposed to anti-HIV medications to protect themselves. This medicine should be taken within a matter of hours or days of the initial sign and symptoms of hiv exposure.


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