people living with hiv

Living with HIV is an people living with hivexpression often used to describe a positive life status of a person and to manage. Advances in HIV education, diagnosis and treatment of HIV means less formidable than the past, when there is no treatment or understanding of the virus. This resource is designed to help HIV cases people. Have you recently been diagnosed or not, information for people living with HIV and their partners, family or friends.

people living with hiv

As with other diseases, which means living with HIV that people have to do anything else, it’s good to take medication at a certain time to go to the doctor more often seen, following a certain diet or avoid certain things can affect a person. or the health Everyone is different and doctors around the world are increasingly trained to improve. Their management of public health It might not be easy, but with HIV positive as possible.

Today, organizations of people living with HIV is a driving force in the fight against HIV / AIDS, providing personal energy to people living with the virus, positive and to inspire others to act. In this section you will find find. More information about the campaign and the activities of the people living with HIV

People with HIV are advocates, patient information, health care providers, teachers, researchers, policy makers and health care providers. They ask questions, and not rest before an answer or a solution to their problems. People with HIV is a leader in HIV prevention and demonstrate visionary leadership in the implementation and support of prevention, treatment and care.

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