pathognomonic sign of tuberculosis

Continuous fever: Temperature remains above normal pathognomonic sign of tuberculosis throughout the day and does not fluctuate more than 1 ° C in 24 hours, eg lobar pneumonia, typhoid fever, urinary tract infection, brucellosis, or fever may indicate a pattern typhus.

pathognomonic sign of tuberculosis

Typhoid fever (typhoid curve Wunderlich) with a gradual increase slowly and plateau. (Due to fever-reducing drugs Drops are not included.)

Fever: The height of the temperature is present only for a certain time, then cycle back to normal, eg malaria, kala-azar, pyemia, or blood poisoning. Here’s his kind. Daily fever, with a periodicity of 24 hours, typical of Plasmodium falciparum malaria or Plasmodium knowlesi

pathognomonic sign of tuberculosis

Malaria fever (48 hour periodicity), typical of Plasmodium vivax or Plasmodium ovale malaria. Quartan Fever (72 hour periodicity), typical of Plasmodium malariae. Pathognomonic signs or symptoms that are so characteristic of the disease is diagnosed. Pathognomonic (pronounced non-pathological cal) is derived from the “pathognomonikos” Greek and means “expert evaluation of the disease.” Since it is important to know how the characteristics of some infectious diseases at the beginning of the following are the symptoms of some common infectious pathognomonic.

    AIDS - opportunistic and virulent manifestations, low T4 200/dl. (Opportunistic infections -. Infections caused by opportunistic infections weak immune system is a particular risk for people with HIV-AIDS virus itself does not cause death, but opportunistic infections that occur as a result of their effect on the immune system ..

Tuberculosis is a disease that causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Many cases of tuberculosis caused by cross-contamination and contaminated with the bacterium that causes the disease through poor health habits and hygiene. Tuberculosis affects many people that men are more likely to develop this disease. Today, the boundaries between men and women are affected with the same TB gradually exit.

Tuberculosis is caused by a group of bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This particular bacteria infect many parts of the body such as the kidney, spine, brains and other organs. In tuberculosis various organs, attacks signs and symptoms vary, but the same threat and death to people affected poses.

Tuberculosis discovered and invented by famous German physician Robert Koch. It is also the same person that the bacteria that cause anthrax and cholera isolated. pathognomonic sign of tuberculosis A good thing TB is that as the years passed, the lifetime of the quality of life of people suffering from tuberculosis has been reduced because of the different drugs that have been developed to combat the disease. Caused by this disease


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