Over the counter HIV test

On July 3, 2012, over the counter hiv test the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the OraQuick In-Home HIV test, test kit rapid HIV households that do not require sending samples to a laboratory for analysis. Kit contains test results within 20-40 minutes, and you can test it yourself in your own home.
Kits that test samples of fluid from the mouth, is approved for sale in stores and online for anyone over the age of 17 years.

over the counter hiv test

Is In-Home test OraQuick HIV and how it works?
The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test is (OTC) management over-the-counter -sneltest own. The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Kit consists of a test strip (devices) to the sample in a test tube (bottle) to collect and test inserts, direction of testing, two test strips (unit) information leaflets (“HIV test and I” and “What results for you “), bag and phone support available consumption.
This test is for the type of anti-HIV-1 and type-2 antibody check HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Applications approved oral liquid kit is designed such that the collection of saliva samples and personal anonymous HIV testing by rubbing your upper and lower gums with the test device. After collecting the sample, you put the device in the kit bottle with developer solution, wait 20-40 minutes, and read the test results. The positive result of this test does not mean that people infected with HIV in any case, but that further tests should be done in a medical setting to confirm the test results. In addition, a negative test result does not mean that one is not, especially if the exposure in the last three months in any case likely to be infected with HIV. Here, too, need to go to a medical facility the confirmatory test.
If the CDC announced in September 2006 that everyone should start at the age of 13-64 years, had been tested for HIV on a regular basis such as for testing, say, normal or high cholesterol pulses in the medical community made little stir. While most health experts welcomed the recommendation in principle, logistics widespread HIV testing, even for people who are not as problematic hazards in general. Tests can be expensive, time-consuming (for patients, physicians and the same laboratory) and shocking. And some people can not stand to be stuck with needles easily.
At least in this last point, there is a viable solution: a new FDA-approved HIV tests quickly that blood, serum or oral fluid can be used with the same accuracy (which should not be sent to a laboratory for processing). A simple deletion of the mouth and gums is all it takes to OraSure OraQuick that only approved for use in HIV orally and in September 2006, according to whom you ask test-test is an oral examination as either true or partial credit is less accurate than with a blood test based on false alarms tend to be slightly more falseover the counter hiv test negatives.


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