latent tuberculosis treatment side effects

My question is what I should be the treatment? latent tuberculosis treatment side effects I currently have no health insurance or basic health care, and have read that there are serious by INH therapy side effects.

latent tuberculosis treatment side effects

I’d rather not take the drug only be checked for active infection, since only 5-10% of people with latent TB is actually currently active (and I’m not one of the latent danger for the conversion of active).

If I will have the choice not treated, as it will affect my career as a nurse? Can I be forced to take in order to work in a hospital (for volunteering for the work clear to me, but I have documentation from a doctor that I have to take treatment or to refuse treatment), which negatively about me? I’m not quite sure what to do, but I do not like the idea of taking large quantities of toxic prophylactic medication.

latent tuberculosis treatment side effects

My chest x-ray is normal, and I feel good. What is the meaning of my positive skin test or a blood test?

The good news is that you do not have active tuberculosis, an infectious disease that each year kills more people than any other. , A positive tuberculin skin test or positive QuantiFERON TB test shows, however, previous exposure to TB germ. This seed is known that in the body dormant for months decades before it becomes active and causes serious illness. If you never been in treatment for their positive result, then you have latent TB and the risk of developing active tuberculosis later.
I was vaccinated as a child against tuberculosis. I’ve heard that the vaccine can cause false positive skin test. Why am I in danger of becoming ill than I thought I protected?

Vaccination against tuberculosis, BCG, as is known, provides no protection against severe tuberculosis children. But not protect adults. It is true that the BCG can sometimes lead to false positive skin test, even if this much more common in children than in adults. The QuantiFERON TB blood test not be positive because of BCG vaccination. Therefore, this test is the choice for those who have been vaccinated with BCG for our test for tuberculosis.
Isoniazid (Nydrazid): One of the most effective antibiotics to combat tuberculosis used. It can cause liver problems and tingling / numbness in the hands and / or feet (peripheral neuropathy). Usually with a second drug, pyridoxine, in order to prevent peripheral neuropathy. Probably you are taking this medication (300 mg) daily for nine months. Alternatively administered twice per week for a total of nine months. Isoniazid is However, if the dosage is used twice a week to report to the clinic for their medication to ensure they do not miss any doses. This is known as direct therapy or DOT observation. Some people take isoniazid for six months. This is for people who are infected with HIV, is recommended.

It is very important that you take isoniazid and pyridoxine exactly as you continue until your doctor says your doctor and medication, it is time to stop. latent tuberculosis treatment side effects This is to prevent the bacteria to isoniazid required. When the bacteria to isoniazid active tuberculosis, which are difficult to treat resistant.


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