Is tuberculosis treatable?

Is tuberculosis treatable — In this day which commemorates the discovery in 1882 of the tubercle bacillus by Robert Koch, WHO wants to allow people to express their wishes regarding tuberculosis . [1]

This World Day gives me the opportunity to make a wish and thanks. Thanks personally, a wish on the political level. The reader will realize that the two are linked.

A staff because today as, for two weeks I was able to stop treatment followed for a year to deal with a rare form of this disease: a ureteral tuberculosis. I mention this because without knowledge, alertness, sense of observation and insight has shown the urologic surgeon, I do not know what changes have been painful moments lived for six months. And before the verdict in this case saving, tuberculosis. A verdict came here precisely twelve months.

I have indeed known a dozen emergency admissions (for kidney pain commonly called “kidney stones”), two operations, accompanied each time the placement of a ureteral probe, not to mention the series of analysis and radios needed in the diagnostic process.

If, at first, kidney stones were detected and were ablated through the procedure, the resurgence few months later regular pain – while radios were silent, quickly asked question. This led to investigate the condition of the pipe via a urography by injecting a contrast agent. This objective abnormal narrowing of the urethra (tube that feeds the bladder at the start of the kidney). The one-way ticket for surgery was issued!

Here’s what I remember of this operation epidural, the opportunity to attend “live” TV screen above my head, this unprecedented immersion in my lower abdomen! First, the introduction of the needle into the lower back is a painful but not characterized by a curious sensation, unknown time. The effect is almost immediate, total loss of sensitivity of the body part below the navel. The surgeon has free rein. For him the word is now “In diving! “Through natural means, to get to the bladder by way of course with the right ureteral meatus (inlet orifice of the ureter into the bladder), the seat of pain. Grand flagship on, the doctor led audit meatus and I hear his voice expression changes; guess the question is, it is a question of abnormal swelling, intussusception, volcanic look … In short, if the perplexity is to go you control the situation remains total. I’m not worried. There is no question of going back to the inside of the duct ureter, the problem lies at the level of the orifice that has a unique look to the physician. Which, after a few moments of reflection, leads to a hypothesis: is this a TB? One solution: take a sample to send to the lab. Time to bring the toolkit, again via natural means, and that cut me a few cubic millimeters of body tissues. The doctor places a kidney probe to ensure flow through the narrowing and curtain rising to the surface!


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