How tuberculosis treated with antibiotics

Treatment of TB refers to a How tuberculosis treated with antibiotics medical infectious disease tuberculosis (TB) treatment. The standard “short” course treatment for TB with isoniazid (with peripheral neuropathy pyridoxal phosphate caused by isoniazid avoid), rifampin, pyrazinamide, ethambutol and two months (also known as rifampicin to United States) and isoniazid and rifampicin alone for a further four months. The patient is free of live bacteria after six months (although it is still down 7%). For latent tuberculosis, the standard treatment for six to nine months of isoniazid alone.

Given the many effective drugs available today, it is likely that a person can be cured. Tuberculosis However, it is important that the person understand the disease and to complete the treatment program.

How tuberculosis treated with antibiotics

The latent TB infection and active TB disease can be treated with antibiotics. Treatment lasts at least six months, because antibiotics only work if actively dividing bacteria, and bacteria that cause tuberculosis are developing very slowly. To be addressed in latent TB infection is treated at the same time reduce the risk to develop drug resistance, bacteria will be strengthened. With several antibiotics with only active tuberculosis antibiotic active TB should be treated aggressively, and patients can begin treatment with a hospital to keep. The spread of the disease after a few weeks they feel better and more contagious.
People with latent TB infection, TB bacteria in the body, but they are not sick because the germs are not active. People with latent TB infection have no symptoms and can not spread TB bacteria to others. However, if TB bacteria become active in the body and multiply, the person is released, the latent TB infection getting sick with TB disease. For this reason, people should be avoided with latent TB infection are often a treatment against this disease developing tuberculosis prescribed. Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection, it is important to control and eliminate TB in the United States.


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