How is tb treated today

Given the many effective drugs available today, How is tb treated today it is likely that a person can be cured. Tuberculosis However, it is important that the person understand the disease and to complete the treatment program.

The latent TB infection and active TB disease can be treated with antibiotics. Treatment lasts at least six months, because antibiotics only work if actively dividing bacteria, and bacteria that cause tuberculosis are developing very slowly. To be addressed in latent TB infection is treated at the same time reduce the risk to develop drug resistance, bacteria will be strengthened. With several antibiotics with only active tuberculosis antibiotic active TB should be treated aggressively, and patients can begin treatment with a hospital to keep. The spread of the disease after a few weeks they feel better and more contagious.

How is tb treated today

The greatest danger in tuberculosis treatment is antibiotics for patients on time. This will give the bacteria the ability to develop to deal with. Drugs, rebound and resistance much more difficult it is crucial to take as directed. All medications Most treatment programs require a professional clock health of each dose.
TB can be done in several ways, including X-ray diffraction analysis of sputum and skin test can be determined. Sometimes the X-ray may reveal signs of active tuberculosis pneumonia. Other times, the X-ray scarring (fibrosis) or curing (MS) which are designated in the lungs, indicating that TB is contained and inactive. The sputum, on a slide (smear) under a microscope, the presence of tuberculosis bacteria, as will be seen. The bacteria Mycobacterium family, including atypical mycobacteria, stain positive with special dyes and called acid-fast bacilli (AFB). Also took a sputum sample and grew up mainly in special brood (field), so that the tuberculosis bacteria can subsequently be identified as tuberculosis or atypical tuberculosis.
People who do not take the necessary medications may be sick again and spread TB to others. Also, if people do not take prescription drugs or skip days when they take them, the development of TB bacteria to antibiotics smarter tuberculosis. Not working too fast these drugs against the disease. When this happens, the person is now TB. In addition, some people with TB do not improve after a given treatment, because the disease by a strain of the bacteria that are already resistant tuberculosis drugs induced against one or more of the standard TB.

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is resistant TB at least two of the best Food and Drug Administration approved TB drugs, isoniazid and rifampicin. These antibiotics are used as first-line drugs, and are the first drugs that are used to treat. All persons with TB disease XDR-TB (XDR-TB) is a relatively rare form of tuberculosis that is resistant to isoniazid and rifampin, plus fluoroquinolone and at least one of three injectable second-line drugs (such as amikacin, kanamycin or capreomycin). Resistance to tuberculosis in the world in the elevator. In 2010, the World Health Organization estimates that more than 650,000 people have How is tb treated today tb MDR-TB.


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