How does hiv affect the body

How does HIV affect the body? Hiv will compromise the immune system so the patient will be susceptible to many serious diseases.

How does Hiv affect the body? First, Hiv get into the body by many ways. But the most are from sexual contact and drug needle sharing with Infected people.

 The virus then attacks and destroys the T helper lymphocytes which are very crucial to the immune system of the body. It is also known as CD4 positive lymphocytes. CD4 function to help maintain your immunity and fight off invading viruses and germs.

 When Hiv invade CD4 cell, the virus will multiply itself over and over and then get outside the cell to attack other CD4 cell. After ten years, the infected cells will outnumber  healthy T cell.

 The body then loses its ability to fight many infections. People with Aids are unable to fight off many infections, particularly tuberculosis and other kinds of rare infections of the lung (such as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia), the surface covering of the brain (meningitis), or the brain itself (encephalitis).

 Not HIV kill people, but the opportunistic disease that attack them when the immune system down.

 No drug has been discovered to heal or eliminate the virus in the body. The drug is just for slowing the progresivity of HIV disease to become Aids disease.

 But it’ s better than nothing. By using the drug, people with HiV can live longer than non therapy patient. So, if you really get HiV, it is the best if you know it early.

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