HIV test window period

Learn more about hiv test window period the nature of the transmission. Did you know that the use of HIV on instruments that are not sterile or dirt can be transferred? Circumcision There are many other ways, as if the transfer of infected blood.
The HI virus can be transferred to another person if the person:

hiv test window period

People infected with HIV in blood transfusion
If a person is exposed to the test drug injection needles with HIV-infection, contaminated blood
If someone (as a guard) with the blood of wounded needles, syringes, razor blades or other sharp objects contaminated
Non-sterile or dirty razor blades, knives, needles or other equipment to cultural practices such as female circumcision, or used scarrification bleeding.
Our role in the transmission of HIV from mother to mother to child transmission (mother to child)
We are as follows:

Why do some babies of mothers with HIV + and the other was not born infected?
If a woman is HIV-positive breast-feeding her baby?
We will tell you also about the myths about HIV transmission and tells you how to: hiv test window period


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