HIV symptoms in men

Signs and symptoms of HIV in men can be flu-like symptoms, hiv symptoms in men pictures dementia, weight loss and fatigue to go.

HIV infection can be asymptomatic for many years. The only way to become your status, must be tested. You can order kits for HIV on our website and receive your test results within two days.

hiv symptoms in men pictures

Within 2-4 weeks after HIV infection, having many, but not all people, flu-like symptoms, often called “the worst flu explained.” What is “acute retroviral syndrome” called (ARS) or “primary infection”, and it is a natural infection with HIV.
Symptoms may include:
Fever (most common symptom)
swollen glands
sore throat
Muscle and joint pain
These symptoms can last from several days to several weeks. However, you do not have to assume that if you have these symptoms of HIV. Each of these symptoms can be caused by other diseases. Who is infected with HIV, however, ARS developed.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disease, more than one million at the age of 13 years were living with HIV in the United States at the end of the year live 2009 Men Gay and bisexual men account for nearly two-thirds of the 50,000 new infections per year . Male black / African-American women are also severely hiv symptoms in men picturesaffected.


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