History of tb vaccine

The vaccine against tuberculosis is the History of tb vaccine cause of a live bacterial vaccine attenuated bacterium tuberculosis in cows fact. Was given for the first time in 1921 in the village was more than 4 billion people around the world and has been used regularly since the 1960s in almost all countries of the world, especially in managed young children.

Changes in the tuberculosis bacterium over time, researchers conducted different TB vaccines worldwide is used to create, and its effectiveness seems to vary.

History of tb vaccine

The United States does not recommend vaccination for all children, it is not very effective (see the effectiveness of the vaccine), and can be confusing when doctors try to interpret a tuberculin skin test. The Netherlands is the only country that does not recommend the vaccine for all children.
Who should not get the VaccineTop
Who should be vaccinated?
Although tuberculosis vaccine is recommended by the World Health Organization and occurs in over 100 countries in the United States, should be considered in selected cases into consideration. In the United States, the vaccine for infants and children who are not positive for tuberculosis, but consider:
Continuously exposed to a patient with infectious TB of the lungs (and the child can not be eliminated by this person)
For a person with TB exposed to TB drugs
In addition, vaccination of health care workers who work in settings with patients who received drug-resistant TB, and where held all the control measures recommended TB infection, but did not success.
1900 Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin began their search for a tuberculosis vaccine at the Pasteur Institute of Lille. They cultivated the bacillus of tuberculosis in glycerol broth and potatoes, but are struggling to produce a homogeneous suspension of bacilli. In an attempt to their tendency to agglomerate the effect of the addition of bovine bile trying to counter his surprise, the media, and found that the subculture has resulted in a decrease in virulence of the organization. It is this casual observation, which led her to commit long-term project heirs of preparing a vaccine attenuated tuberculosis bacillus (11).
In 1908, from a virulent strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in cattle Nocard (originally by him in 1902, tuberculosis isolated from the udder of a cow) is introduced, there are grown in their bile, glycerol and medium potato, then continued subculture approximately three weekly intervals. In 1913, they were ready, a study of vaccination of cattle, which was interrupted by the outbreak of World War transplantation was launched during the German occupation of Lille continue, History of tb vaccine despite the significantly higher cost of potatoes and the difficulty of proper meat slaughter bile.


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