History of TB Sanatorium

A sanatorium (also spelled Sanatorium and Hospital) has History of TB Sanatorium different meanings depending on the region of residence. Historically, Americans, Australians and most European countries is a medical facility for long-term disease that most commonly associated with treatment of tuberculosis (TB) before antibiotics. It is sometimes made between “sanitarium” (a kind of health center, as in the Battle Creek Sanitarium) and “sanatorium” (a hospital). [1] [2]

The term “sanatorium” is often used during the 20th century in the United States as a socially acceptable term for psychiatric hospitals.
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History of TB Sanatorium

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The “Sanatorium Age” in Canada began in 1896, when the first institution built by the National Association Sanitarium Muskoka, Ontario. Sanatoriums demonstrates the value of rest, fresh air, good nutrition and isolation to prevent the spread of infection. These institutions were essentially large treatment centers specializing in the diagnosis and recovery of patients with tuberculosis. Hospital occupies a unique place in the tuberculosis program in North America and Western Europe, and nowhere developed in Canada. at one point in the idea enough sanatoria program could be developed in Canada for the treatment of all TB cases. actually in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and happened Alberta, but other provinces not of a sufficient number until the time of History of TB Sanatorium the medicines had treatment beds.


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