history of tb in us

On March 24, 1882 Dr. Robert Koch announced history of tb in us the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis responsible, the tuberculosis (TB) bacterium. Meanwhile, TB killed one out of seven people in the United States and Europe.

The discovery of Dr. Koch was the most important step for the control and eradication of this deadly disease.

history of tb in us

In 1982, a century after the announcement of Mr. Koch, the first World TB Day by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) encouraged. Awareness of the impact on health and the event was further developed the economic consequences of TB, its effect on developing countries and their tragic impact on global health.

Tuberculosis (TB) has affected humans for thousands of years. TB was also known as the consumption, disease, loss of time and the white plague. By mid-1800, the people thought that TB could be hereditary. For many people the diagnosis of tuberculosis is a slow death sentence.

Dr. Robert Koch in 1865, a French surgeon Jean-Antoine Villemin demonstrated that TB was contagious. In 1882, Dr. Robert Koch, who was a German scientist who discovered the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. In those days people went to sanatoriums where they followed a prescribed routine every day of rest, fresh air, sunshine and extra food. In 1943, Selman Waksman an American scientist discovered a drug that could kill TB bacteria. Between 1943 and 1952, two more drugs were found. (Reports of all First Nation began in 1953) After these discoveries, many people have been cured with TB and TB mortality declined dramatically in the United States.

Until the mid-1970s, most of the tuberculosis sanatoriums in the United States were closed. In the next two decades, people have begun to expect that tuberculosis could be eliminated in the United States, such as polio and smallpox.
In 1854, Hermann Brehmer proposed the idea that tuberculosis was curable effect. The introduction of the sanatorium cure provided the first important step towards the treatment of tuberculosis. Car Brehmer was a TB patient. His doctor advised him to move to a healthier climate, so he spent some time in the Himalayas and returned healed. This experience led him to build the first hospital, where patients can get plenty of fresh air and good nutrition. This configuration has the model for history of tb in us the further development of sanatoriums.


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