History of tb in the United States

Consumption, consumption, scrofula, Pott’s disease, History of tb in the United States white plague and are used to treat tuberculosis in history that unites the concepts. It is generally accepted that the organism of other primitive organisms of the same genus Mycobacterium.

Contrary to previous findings indicating that tuberculosis and other communicable from animals to humans, scientific research [who?] Showed that the tuberculosis of man transmitted to other animals instead. [Edit] Scientific work explores the evolutionary origins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex closed that the last common ancestor of the resort was a specific human pathogen that has undergone a population bottleneck. Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units allowed dating analysis bottleneck there about 40,000 years ago to the posterior corresponding to the expansion of Homo sapiens sapiens from Africa period.
The sanatorium movement, which began in 1880, was an attempt to cure TB and, of course, divulged by the patient in a quiet, isolated from normal life, where the air is pure and prevent free movement. Main sanatoria included in Davos, Switzerland, and Saranac Lake, New York.

History of tb in the United States

In a sanatorium, was at rest in the fresh air of the utmost importance and private homes, porches, and cottages were built to allow easy access to outdoor activities. Because the sanatorium cure involved prolonged separation from home, work and family, has sometimes been avoided until the disease has progressed a lot. Cost is also a deterrent.

The evidence that M. tuberculosis and people have a long coast to coast are mainly collected from studies of the bones of a Neolithic site in the village of East Mediterranean samples. DNA evidence from these studies were collected, show that about 9000 years ago, there was a strain of M. tuberculosis strains present in the 21st century as detection of mycobacteria was also found in the mummified remains of ancient Egyptians and references to tuberculosis, or “residual”, occur in the writings of the Greek physician Hippocrates. In the literature of Europe in the Middle Ages and well into the industrial era, tuberculosis tuberculosis was called “white plague” or consumption, referring to the gradual loss of health and vitality of the victim, disease followed its inexorable course. The cause is believed mainly to the Constitution, is the result of an inherited predisposition or unhealthy History of tb in the United States or dissolute life.


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