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Eurovision Conchita Wurst has been a very popular query in google in this May. Why? It was because, unpredictably, Conchita Wurst became the first drag singer in history won this competition.  Thousands people wants to know, who is  this guy, who have shaked the world.

eurovision conchita wurst

Conchita Wurst was born in  November 1988 as Thomas “Tom”Neuwirth. He is better known as an austrrian singer.  In 10 May 2014, Wurst won the eurovision competition with 290 points. This was the first time of Austria’s singer won the competition since the Eurovision 1966.

Thomas Neuwirth was born in Gmunden, Austria, in 1988. Thomas created the character of Conchita Wurst in 2011, in response to earlier experiences. He made it as the symbol to say “ This is about an important message. It’s call for tolerance for everything that seems different.”

In German, Wurst means ‘sausage’. It came from the German expression ‘Dast ist mir doch Alles Wurst’, which means ‘it is all the same to me’ and ‘I don’t care.”  The “woman” with beard said that, It can be translated as. “It doesn’t really matter where one comes from, and what one looks like.” The first name “conchita” was from his Cuban friend.

The journey to the champions was very hard. On 10 september 2013, Wurst was announced as the Austrian’s representation at the Eurovision 2014, that will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark by the Austrian national broadcaster ORF. It sparked controversy in Austria. Just about 4 days after the announcement, more than 31,000 people like an “Anti-wurst” facebook page.

In October, the Ministry of information in Belarus, accepted a petition to edit Wurst performance out of its Eurovision broadcast. It said  that Wurst performance will change the Eurovision into “a hotbed of Sodomy. In Rusia, the similar petition was surfaced too. But, Conchita wurst still move on. And he was succeeded to win the competition.


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