early signs of hiv in women

Early signs of HIV in women may be mild and easily unnoticed. Unfortunately, the virus can still be transmitted, even though the symptoms are unnoticed.

Generally, the symptoms of HIV ij women are similar with those men would experience. There are three stages of HIV symptoms.

- early stageĀ  of HiV : In this stage, women with hIV could have flu like symptoms, including fever, headache, and lack of energy in 2 weeks after getting infected

- Mid stage of Hiv : The symptoms always show up in this stage are swollen or painful glands


- Advanced stage of Hiv : This stages also known as AIDs stage.The worst symptoms occured in this time


However, there are four Hiv symptoms that only occur in women.

- vaginal yeast infection

The symptoms are :

* soreness of the vagina

* burning and itching in vulva area

* pain during urination or intercourse

* whitish odourless vaginal discharge

- abnormal pap smear

Early signs of HIV in women

HIV can attack cervical cells and may lead to cancer eventually.so, if your pap smears show abnormal changes, it could be an indication of hiv infection

- pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

The symptoms are :

* lower abdominal pain

* painful intercourse

* irreguler menstrual bleeding

* fever

* pain in the upper right abdomen

PID can be one of the first symptoms of Hiv in women.

- unusual menstrual cycles

The symptoms are :

* more (or less) frequent periods

* missed period

* spotting between periods

* periods that last for longer than usual.

These symptoms are less common in people with a high cd4 cell count. That’s why the presence of these symptoms could hint at undiagnosed hiv in women.


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