common bacterial diseases in cats

This disease is caused by a type of bacteria that common bacterial diseases in cats causes gastrointestinal infection in susceptible animals. It tends to affect kittens were housed weakened by a viral infection, malnutrition or other stress in overcrowded and unhygienic surroundings and cats whose natural immunity.

Salmonella remain alive for many months or years in soil and fertilizer. In cats, the disease is acquired by eating raw or commercially contaminated food, fertilizer, licking his feet or coats or performing oral contact with contaminated by the diarrhea of an infected cat faces. This bacterial infection is a danger to cats fed a raw diet, unless excellent food processed hygiene is practiced at all times.

common bacterial diseases in cats

Signs of infection include high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. (In 90 percent of cases), dehydration and weakness Relief can. Bloody and foul odor Dehydration occurs when vomiting and diarrhea are prolonged. Bacteria in the blood stream by the liver, kidneys, lungs and uterus abscesses. Conjunctivitis can be seen in some cats. The acute illness lasts 4-10 days, may be followed by chronic diarrhea for over a month. Persists Death occurs in about half the cases. Abortion reported.
Your veterinarian will perform. Complete medical history and physical examination of the cat He or she is then routine laboratory tests, including complete blood count, biochemical profile, electrolyte panel and urinalysis to evaluate the condition of your cat and the severity of the disease.
If your cat Tyzzer disease, evidence of abnormal biochemical profile showed high liver enzyme levels, especially just for the state of the cat is serious.
One of the most common disorders of the kittens is the disease of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Also known as cat urologic syndrome (FUS) FLUTD is a group of diseases that can be the bladder or urethra of your cat, including cystitis (bladder infection), urinary tract infections, affect kidney stones, urethral plugs, cancer and other diseases.
If your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, the first thing you assume that you have a medical problem on your hands rather than a behavioral problem. common bacterial diseases in cats
Thoroughly for all forms of FLUTD checked by your veterinarian can safely assume if you. Their habits Kitty elimination behavior in nature


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