bacterial diseases in horses

Infectious diseases are diseases that horses from the other, or by obtaining bacterial diseases in horses occurs such a mosquito, which can transmit the disease from horse horse. Vector horse owners have their horses vaccinated against many of these diseases, or your veterinarian may administer vaccines.

Some vaccines are considered “core” vaccines, the diseases that all horses should cover vaccinated. Some horses must be vaccinated only if there is a high risk that they are exposed to the disease in their natural environment, or can travel, represent, or be subjected to race. In addition, horses must be vaccinated at different stages of life. Most vaccines must be given annually.

bacterial diseases in horses occurs

Tetanus (lockjaw)
Tetanus is a bacterial toxin usually causes horses in soil and feces. To multiply a decreased oxygen, so that the bacteria that cause tetanus toxin is a zone in which a deep puncture wound or when a wound healing (such as umbilical stump of a newborn foal) is an area that can thrive in the tetanus. Symptoms of tetanus include a protrusion of the third eyelid and a stiff neck, which caused muscle stiffness a general position ‘donkey’. Tetanus is often fatal, but can prevent a yearly vaccination, and the vaccine is a good idea because small cuts can go unnoticed and become infected.
intestinal Clostridiosis
Clostridiosis is an intestinal disorder that causes diarrhea, the heavy horses. No officer or has a lot of research until the 1970s, when the Swedish and American workers came over and gave the disease its name. Intestinal Clostridiosis is associated mainly with horses under great stress as a result of treatment with antibiotics or recent surgery. But is that the disease affect horses of all species, age and health, it is important to their symptoms
A horse with intestinal clostridiosis reluctant to drink. You can stand in the water, do not drink and still visibly thirsty. His mucous membranes – especially near the anus – Redden congested and dark in color. bacterial diseases in horses occurs Some other common symptoms of the disease are:


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